RaceGOW2 $10,000+ Cash/PRIZES 

~$4000+ in Cash and Prizes for Everyone!

There will be prizes that anyone who participates can win without joining patreon or paying anything. Some of these prizes will be given out as random giveaways and some will be given out based on perfomance.

RaceGOW2 Prizes for Everyone

BONUS PRIZE Access to 

~$6000+ Additional Cash and Prizes

BONUS PRIZES include the Micro Tier Cash Prizes, the Free Parking Prizes, as well as additional exclusive Random Giveaways like the HDZero Goggles.

Pilots can gain access for the BONUS PRIZES any of 3 ways:

(Must be active during at the track deadline - 3 months total required for full season only $23.31 total - $7.77 per month; Feb, March, April or March, April May)

RaceGOW2 Bonus Tier Prizes
RaceGOW2 - Micro Tiers

HDZero Goggles and Secret Prize Giveaway!

Pilots who access the BONUS PRIZES for at least 3 tracks during the season will get an entry to these Giveaways!

Prizes Breakdown Video: 

Coming Soon